Introducing the New Rumsey of Sandbanks Website...

Posted by Cat Gold on 20 Nov 2018

At Intergage, we are delighted to announce the launch of the brand new Rumsey of Sandbanks website!

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Important Changes for Videos set to Autoplay on your Website

Posted by Andy Roberts on 19 Oct 2018

Google’s Chrome web browser, which is widely used (currently it has almost an 80% market share of global web browser usage[i]), will no longer allow a video to autoplay if the website it’s hosted on has not been previously interacted with by the user.

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Meet Our New Junior Graphic Designer

Posted by Paul Tansey on 19 Oct 2018

The people at Intergage are what make us special. We all bring our own qwerks, our own specialities and our own styles.

So, when there's a change to the fundamental makeup of what makes Intergage special, such as welcoming in a new Intergager, we feel it's super important to include you guys on that news. 

We're really happy to be sharing with you, a growth in our design team and a brand new Intergager.

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Creating Your Own Google Review Link

Posted by Cat Gold on 17 Oct 2018

In today's video, I'm going to show you how to create your own google review link. 

It's simple, and it doesn't take too long, but it allows me to give a simple link to my clients in order to receive those all important good reviews. I figured you guys could use it too.  

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Default position has been re-set

Posted by Mike Finn on 02 Aug 2018

What is astonishing if the amount of time the internet absorbs without you realising it, says Ian Rodd, managing director of chartered accountants and business advisers Ward Goodman.

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Instant impact to achieve position

Posted by Mike Finn on 01 Aug 2018

“As a company, we had lived off a wonderful reputation for bespoke work. What we needed to do was to make sure ours was the name which immediately came to mind for more standard requirements.”

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Inbound Marketing - Their New Strategy

Posted by Mike Finn on 31 Jul 2018

Buz Ross is deeply aware of the truism that just because a company is in a communications business, it won’t necessarily be good at communicating about itself.

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Re-appraisal Led To New Materials

Posted by Mike Finn on 30 Jul 2018

“I think there is a trend in B2B websites towards style over content."

"There will be a beautiful picture on the homepage but after admiring it, you have to really dig to find what content there might be behind it. It might be a fabulous aesthetic experience but if I’m not in the mood for that, I’ll move on.”

Graeme Purdy is the chief executive of AIM-quoted innovation company Ilika plc - and he’s speaking on the back of root-and-branch re-appraisal of their own web presence.

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Noise makes it harder to focus

Posted by Mike Finn on 27 Jul 2018

The “massive shift” in the way that businesses talk to their customers over the past fifteen years has led to the creation of a lot of “noise.” And that makes it hard to focus on what’s important, observes Sam Strover, managing director of independent internet service provider Vostron.

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George's Time at Intergage

Posted by Stephen Caple on 27 Jul 2018

My time at Intergage has been valuable and useful to me as I was interested in the website design aspects of Online Marketing. Throughout the week I was able to get hands on and write blogs for clients, participate in internal meetings as well as client meetings, which taught me more and more about how the company operates.    

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Wrapping advice round the product

Posted by Mike Finn on 26 Jul 2018

Here’s a fine example of glass-half-full thinking from Peter Marsh, managing director of Turbo Dynamics.

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