Introducing the New Rumsey of Sandbanks Website...

Posted by Cat Gold on 20 Nov 2018

At Intergage, we are delighted to announce the launch of the brand new Rumsey of Sandbanks website!

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Important Changes for Videos set to Autoplay on your Website

Posted by Andy Roberts on 19 Oct 2018

Google’s Chrome web browser, which is widely used (currently it has almost an 80% market share of global web browser usage[i]), will no longer allow a video to autoplay if the website it’s hosted on has not been previously interacted with by the user.

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Meet Our New Junior Graphic Designer

Posted by Paul Tansey on 19 Oct 2018

The people at Intergage are what make us special. We all bring our own qwerks, our own specialities and our own styles.

So, when there's a change to the fundamental makeup of what makes Intergage special, such as welcoming in a new Intergager, we feel it's super important to include you guys on that news. 

We're really happy to be sharing with you, a growth in our design team and a brand new Intergager.

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Creating Your Own Google Review Link

Posted by Cat Gold on 17 Oct 2018

In today's video, I'm going to show you how to create your own google review link. 

It's simple, and it doesn't take too long, but it allows me to give a simple link to my clients in order to receive those all important good reviews. I figured you guys could use it too.  

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Default position has been re-set

Posted by Mike Finn on 02 Aug 2018

What is astonishing if the amount of time the internet absorbs without you realising it, says Ian Rodd, managing director of chartered accountants and business advisers Ward Goodman.

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Instant impact to achieve position

Posted by Mike Finn on 01 Aug 2018

“As a company, we had lived off a wonderful reputation for bespoke work. What we needed to do was to make sure ours was the name which immediately came to mind for more standard requirements.”

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Inbound Marketing - Their New Strategy

Posted by Mike Finn on 31 Jul 2018

Buz Ross is deeply aware of the truism that just because a company is in a communications business, it won’t necessarily be good at communicating about itself.

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Re-appraisal Led To New Materials

Posted by Mike Finn on 30 Jul 2018

“I think there is a trend in B2B websites towards style over content."

"There will be a beautiful picture on the homepage but after admiring it, you have to really dig to find what content there might be behind it. It might be a fabulous aesthetic experience but if I’m not in the mood for that, I’ll move on.”

Graeme Purdy is the chief executive of AIM-quoted innovation company Ilika plc - and he’s speaking on the back of root-and-branch re-appraisal of their own web presence.

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Noise makes it harder to focus

Posted by Mike Finn on 27 Jul 2018

The “massive shift” in the way that businesses talk to their customers over the past fifteen years has led to the creation of a lot of “noise.” And that makes it hard to focus on what’s important, observes Sam Strover, managing director of independent internet service provider Vostron.

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George's Time at Intergage

Posted by Stephen Caple on 27 Jul 2018

My time at Intergage has been valuable and useful to me as I was interested in the website design aspects of Online Marketing. Throughout the week I was able to get hands on and write blogs for clients, participate in internal meetings as well as client meetings, which taught me more and more about how the company operates.    

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Wrapping advice round the product

Posted by Mike Finn on 26 Jul 2018

Here’s a fine example of glass-half-full thinking from Peter Marsh, managing director of Turbo Dynamics.

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Do relationships now need more work?

Posted by Mike Finn on 25 Jul 2018

How to marry the use of technology for communications with the overriding need to create and perpetuate great personal relationships with clients? That’s a question pondered by Alan Powell, chairman of architects HPW Architecture, who says there’s no greater enjoyment in business than meeting a new client face-to-face and establishing that connection.

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Keeping Bedrock In One Piece

Posted by Mike Finn on 25 Jul 2018

“Your brand is your bedrock,” says Edwin Bessant, chief executive of Ceuta Group. “And the primary importance of thoroughly understanding and consistently communicating a set of clear messages is key to sustainable success.”

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How To Fit With The Customer

Posted by Mike Finn on 24 Jul 2018

Richard Hunt has a simple but pragmatic take on how companies can effectively engage with the customer.

“Communication has to be in any medium the customer requires,” says the managing director of Hunt’s Foodservice, the £70million turnover catering wholesaler whose customers include ice cream vendors and five-star hotels.

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Fundamental clue is right in front of you

Posted by Mike Finn on 23 Jul 2018

‘Accessibility’ for people with disabilities is a term much talked about, but many businesses are still missing something quite fundamental, according to Dr Nasser Siabi, the chief executive of 

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How to manage consultative sale

Posted by Mike Finn on 20 Jul 2018

“Reputation comes not just from the quality of the product but helping people make the right choice. If companies put the effort in at the beginning, and their websites have to enable that to happen, then they are more likely to make the customer happy.

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Behaviour change is not too big an ask

Posted by Hannah Bryan on 19 Jul 2018

“What technology has provided us with is the ability to communicate whenever we want and on our own terms,” says Mike Finn, marketing director of Intergage, the specialist B2B marketing agency.

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Coping with the learning curve

Posted by Mike Finn on 18 Jul 2018

“I find that I am unsubscribing from things I want to receive but I haven’t had time to read; even the top article.” Jonathan Gerson, founder and managing director of Dorset Software isn’t just making an observation.

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How-To Find Your Website's Average Click Through Rate on Google

Posted by Liam Major on 17 Jul 2018

In a previous blog, we showed you how to find your website's total organic traffic. We then showed you how to find out what people are searching for to find your website. Then, we showed you how to find out what device people are searching on to find you. 

Finally, we're going to show you (really quickly) how to find out how often people click on your website when they see it on google. 

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How-To Tell Your Website's Device Split

Posted by Liam Major on 17 Jul 2018

If you've been following our previous guides, how to find your organic traffic in google analytics and how to find your popular keywords in search console, then you should have a solid idea of what your traffic consists of. 

But that's not all! A big part of understanding this traffic is know how they're searching. Searches conducted on a desktop are very different when compared to searches on a mobile. Think about your own searches for a second. Being on the move and searching for something on your phone is a very different mindset than when you're looking for something on a desktop computer.

So, in today's guide, we're going to run through how to find out your "device split" in google analytics. 

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How To Find Your Website's Popular Organic Keywords

Posted by Liam Major on 02 Jul 2018

It's time to get serious. In our previous blog, we went through how to find out your website's organic traffic.

You should now have a good idea of the numbers that visit your website from search engines. You should also have a good grasp on the trend in that traffic and the peaks and troughs. 

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How To Find Out Your Website's Organic Traffic With Google Analytics

Posted by Liam Major on 22 Jun 2018


The first step in improving and growing your website's organic traffic is to understand how your website currently performs in search engines. 

In this blog, we'll show you how to find that information and what you should be looking for. With this information, you'll have a good understanding of how your website performs organically.  

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Google's New Map Platform API Costs 2018

Posted by Cat Gold on 08 Jun 2018

Using a Google Map on your website has been free for many years. Until now.

If you have been enjoying the use of a free, high resolution, interactive Google Map on your website for the last few years, you may be dismayed to hear that this luxury is about to come to an end.

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Top 5 Tips On How to Redesign a Website Without Losing SEO Ranking

Posted by Cat Gold on 23 Feb 2018

The title of this blog suggests that you will already have a website and some form of SEO ranking. So I am assuming you have a site, it’s a few years old, maybe more and it’s time to blow away the cobwebs.  When you hear the word redesign, you’re possibly going to be thinking more about changing the look and feel of the site rather than ensuring that the content, call to actions and user journey are right. But this is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

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Why Ignoring UX Kills Conversions

Posted by Sally Durow on 23 Feb 2018

You will see UX banded about as a term and think that is something for super geeks who only ever talk to websites.  While that may, in some cases, be true the harsh reality is that we all now need to take heed of the insight understanding UX gives us.

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How to Plan and Manage a Website Redesign Project

Posted by Mike Finn on 15 Dec 2017

When I started working at Intergage I had absolutely no idea how much work was involved in planning and building a website from scratch.  I would argue that a redesign is even harder as there is a degree of emotional attachment to the existing site and it is entirely possible for you to still be bearing the scars of the initial build even if it was 6 years ago!  We get it - it can be painful with a humungous capital P! 

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How Much Does a Website Redesign Cost?

Posted by Alex Turrell on 24 Nov 2017

This is a question that haunts me on a regular basis. It is a little like going onto a car forecourt and asking how much a car is…

The cost of a website redesign is dependent on 2 things:

  1. What are you are looking for in a website?
  2. How much do you value your website?
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How To Plan For A Website Redesign Project

Posted by Paul Sullivan on 23 Nov 2017

Having worked at Intergage for 11 years in a business development role primarily focused on selling website redesign projects I am constantly reminded how difficult it can be for businesses to prioritise and plan a website redesign.

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Creativity, Collaboration & Culture - how embracing the 3 "C's" will transform any company - 3 of 3

Posted by Francesca Meyrick on 20 Nov 2017

So in the previous two posts we have explored the definition of creativity and the importance of collaboration in the productivity of a company. This brings me to my final ‘C’ in this series of blog posts.

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A Good Website is Never 'Done'

Posted by Alex Turrell on 20 Nov 2017

So, you have finished the long, laborious process of a website redesign and you have the finished project in front of you, a nice shiny, new website. Can you sit back and let the website start raking in the leads now right?

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Top 6 Questions to Ask When Preparing for a Website Redesign

Posted by Alex Turrell on 01 Sep 2017

So you want to redesign your website?

You’ll probably go to your marketing/creative agency with a couple of examples of websites you like and they’ll be able to knock something up right? Unfortunately not…

There are so many factors to consider when looking to redesign your website and any half decent agency or developer would ask you to answer a good number of questions before even thinking about what your website will look like, how long it will take them to build it, or even providing you with a quote.

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How To Do Content Marketing - Part 1

Posted by Mike Finn on 29 Aug 2017

How hard can it be? Just crank out a few blogs, link them back to the content on your website - bish-bash-bosh, gold medal. Well, that is one approach.

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How To Do Content Marketing - Part 2

Posted by Mike Finn on 29 Aug 2017

So, we’ll bash out a few blogs then, with our keyword phrases in the title? Again, it’s a good start.

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Closing Your Prospects When They Are Red Hot

Posted by Mike Finn on 29 Aug 2017

You know what it’s like, as a sales professional. You send your hot prospect a proposal that you have slaved over. This deal is your make-or-break for this month, or even the quarter.

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The Secret to Creativity? Get Creating

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 29 Aug 2017

I’m sure you’re well aware of the frustration. You sit down in front of your laptop feeling well rested - with a coffee in one hand, your notepad on the desk and your favourite pen in the other hand. The temperature in the office is just right and you have had a great drive to work that morning.

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7 Tips to Redesigning a Great B2B Website

Posted by Sally Durow on 21 Aug 2017

We all know what we like in a website. Let’s face it we have to look at enough of them for work, to learn, to run our lives, to make things happen and sometimes even for fun!  We also know how frustrating some websites can be.  How many times do you get frustrated with not being able to find information on websites or the functionality simply to not work?

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Admit It, Your Website Needs An Overhaul!

Posted by Cat Gold on 18 Aug 2017

I’ve always had a rule about my wardrobe. If I haven’t worn it for more than a year, it’s going. The same practice can be applied to websites. If a page hasn’t been engaged with for months then perhaps the dated content that sits on it isn’t quite cutting it anymore. You might be suffering from 'digital hoarding': keeping unnecessary content because of the fear of changing something or deleting it just in case it suddenly might become valuable to someone, somewhere! 

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6 Trends You Can’t Ignore for your Next B2B Website Redesign

Posted by Alex Turrell on 18 Aug 2017

The web design industry is incredibly fast pace, particularly in the B2B market. It’s hard to keep track of what you should and shouldn’t be doing for your next website redesign and even harder finding the time to actually implement any trends you do come across.

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What's The Deal With Instagram?

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 02 Aug 2017

To the B2B world, Instagram probably seems like a very confusing, intimidating but annoyingly relevant platform. Just when you’ve got your head around Facebook, Instagram starts getting all the press about how receptive to content the young business decision makers of the future are.

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Becoming a Lion – My HubSpot Boot Camp Experience

Posted by Paul Sullivan on 02 Aug 2017

Intergage is a UK digital marketing agency, based on the South coast, established for over 17 years with 400+ clients.  

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Effective UX - Add Or Remove Hurdles?

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 27 Jul 2017

UX design is an extremely delicate process. Anything that taps into the psychology of buyer behaviour requires the steady hand of a surgeon.

There’s no secret that buyers are becoming smarter. We’ve often self-diagnosed our problem, identified a solution and explored every option before even speaking with a member of a Sales Team. There’s so much information out there that the buying process is becoming increasingly marketing-heavy.

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Why Should Marketers Spend More Time Around 'Creatives'?

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 11 Jul 2017

Photoshop started its life as one of many image-editing programs that emerged through the 90s. Adobe certainly did something right because it ended up being the major player and the word ‘Photoshop’ has now developed an all new meaning.

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Why Invest In Professional Headshots For Your Business?

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 06 Jul 2017

If you keep an eye on your Google Analytics Reporting (which as a side note, you probably should be) – you might have noticed that your ‘Meet the Team’ page is usually right at the top of your most visited pages – often second only to the homepage.

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Facebook Cover Videos – A Cure For Banner Blindness Or Just More Noise?

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 28 Jun 2017

As you may or may not know, Facebook is currently rolling out Cover Videos for company pages that work in much the same way that you’d expect.

The space where your Cover Photo currently sits will be replaced by a short looped video (up to 90 seconds, apparently) that renders when a user lands on your page.

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You’re Targeting the Wrong Part of the Marketing Funnel!

Posted by Mike Finn on 06 Jun 2017

Is all your marketing aimed at those who already know what they want?

It seems obvious – put your marketing budget into attracting prospects when they already know what they want to buy. Right?

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Why Should You Use Different Blog Formats?

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 10 May 2017

Blogging – one of those activities that every marketer knows they need to do but often doesn’t know where to start.

Although some people seem to have a real knack for it – writing essentially just boils down to common language knowledge and a whole load of confidence.

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The Joy of a Single Campaign View

Posted by Jim Perren on 04 May 2017
3 min read time

Most Marketers use several pieces of software to manage their marketing activities.

But which ones would you choose?

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Aligning Your Sales & Marketing Teams

Posted by Jim Perren on 27 Apr 2017

What does that mean? Plenty of Sales & Marketing Teams often don’t see eye to eye.

The Sales Team says that the Marketing Team provide poor quality leads and the Marketing Team say that the Sales Team don’t always follow up.

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You Can't Teach an Old Blog New Tricks

Posted by Jim Perren on 25 Apr 2017

Blogger’s Block

This blog post is for those marketing giraffes who sit and stare at a blank Word document each week or month, trying to come up with fresh ideas for blog topics and titles.

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Opportunity For New Sales People

Posted by Jim Perren on 12 Apr 2017

People buy from people, so Sales people will always be needed, right?

That’s certainly true for larger B2B purchases, but buyer behaviour has changed. Our customers can do so much more research before they contact a company.

When they do, it might just be for a quote or a tender where they maintain control of the buying process and your opportunity to influence their thinking is limited.

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Delighting Existing Customers with Marketing Automation

Posted by Jim Perren on 10 Apr 2017

Thousands of articles have been written about the great benefits of Marketing Automation for attracting and managing leads. To be frank, that’s why most businesses invest in the software.

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5 Ways That HubSpot Will Support Your Success

Posted by Jim Perren on 04 Apr 2017

 The MD says “Quick – let’s buy some of that Marketing Automation software – I hear there’s a pretty cheap one which we can get going with...”. Not your MD of course, I’m sure they’re much more savvy than that.

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A Content Marketer’s Guide To Cinemagraphs

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 31 Mar 2017

First thing’s first – what on earth is a cinemagraph?

Essentially, a cinemagraph is a still photograph with an element of seamless movement. When done correctly, a cinemagraph can really bring an image to life in a way that video or still imagery can’t.

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Should You Secure Your Site With SSL For Better User Experience?

Posted by Mike Finn on 29 Mar 2017

In November 2016 we wrote a blog about how changes to Google’s Chrome browser might affect your website as well as the changes that Google said they would be making in the coming months.

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Content Writing: From 'None' to 'Done' in 6.5 Steps

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 29 Mar 2017

We’ve all been there. You have a head full of ideas, blood full of caffeine and a diary free of meetings. But somehow nothing is appearing on the page.

Somewhere along the line, the often overwhelming and muddled ideas in your head just aren’t transferring to the word processor.

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What is a Growth Marketing Approach?

Posted by Jim Perren on 27 Mar 2017

When we as marketers put together our buyer personas, we make our best estimates about where our key personas hang out online. Then when we want to get marketing messages to them, we know where to find them and which channels to use.

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What Do You Need To Know About Marketing Automation?

Posted by Jim Perren on 23 Mar 2017

Yes, it’s a question – I can’t be doing all the work here.

As it is difficult for this to be a live two-way conversation, perhaps you would leave me a comment below and I’ll respond to them, or collate them into a future blog.

In the meantime, I will use a list of questions that a recent customer sent through to us who was looking at Marketing Automation.

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How To Promote The Living Daylights Out Of Your Content

Posted by Jim Perren on 21 Mar 2017

Would you like to be the Don King of content promotion (look him up, you millennials)?

Maybe without the manslaughter conviction and the hair?

As marketers, we know how important it is that our content is shared across various channels to attract new audiences, improve audience engagement and help our buyers to make purchase decisions.

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7 Steps To A Content Creation Framework

Posted by Jim Perren on 17 Mar 2017

Content creation is essential to the success of your Inbound Marketing. If you want to be found in the search engines for the phrases that your potential customers search for, then you will have your work cut out.

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Why You Should Give a Monkey’s About Email Deliverability

Posted by Jim Perren on 15 Mar 2017

“Deliverability? I’m a creative, I don’t need to know about any of that technical stuff – that’s for the IT nerds.”

If that’s you (and it was me) spare me the next five minutes and let’s look at how knowing a little about email deliverability could have a big impact on the effectiveness of your marketing communications.

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Blog Editing Tips - This Time It's Personal

Posted by Jim Perren on 13 Mar 2017

"To Write is Human, to Edit is Divine" (Stephen King)

Previously, we looked at how to improve your blog writing as you plan and write your post. Today we will look at ways to improve your blog posts as you get your editing pen out.

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Digital Marketing News – Top 5 Stories, February 2017

Posted by Adam Looker on 10 Mar 2017
Following on from January's Digital Marketing News , Adam Looker brings you the biggest stories from February.  Read More

5 Top Blog Writing Tips To Make Your Posts Stand Out

Posted by Jim Perren on 09 Mar 2017

If you have adopted an Inbound marketing strategy, then you are committed to producing some regular, high quality, engaging content.

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3 Ways That HubSpot Can Be Your Spock

Posted by Jim Perren on 07 Mar 2017

As a marketer, you want to be brave and try new things. To seek out new markets and new audiences. To boldly go where no marketer has gone before, maybe?

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Managing Social Media Through HubSpot

Posted by Jim Perren on 27 Feb 2017

As a busy marketer, you probably try to manage your Social Media updates through something like Hootsuite or Buffer. Either way it’s yet another application to dig into, understand and maintain.

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How To Improve Lead Conversions - 5 Top Tips

Posted by Jim Perren on 23 Feb 2017

What do we want? Leads

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Buyer Persona Courses

Posted by Jim Perren on 21 Feb 2017

Whether you call them customer personas, buyer personas, visitor personas or avatars, we marketers are broadly in agreement that understanding your ideal customer through an avatar is a spankingly good idea.

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7 Email Marketing Tools for 2017

Posted by Jim Perren on 17 Feb 2017

Email Marketing is tricky to get right. There are so many ways that you can trip up. But fear not, help is at hand. And free help too.

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How To Sell Marketing Automation To Your Boss

Posted by Jim Perren on 15 Feb 2017

If you have been considering Marketing Automation for your organisation you are probably excited about what it could do for you, your marketing and your company’s ability to deliver and process inbound leads.

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How Does Blogging Help B2B Businesses?

Posted by Jim Perren on 13 Feb 2017

If you are an Intergage customer, you have probably heard your Account Manager tell you in every review that you should be blogging. They have probably told you that if you want to rank well in the search engines, then a content strategy built around your target customers is a great idea.

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Inbound Marketing vs Marketing Automation: What's The Difference?

Posted by Jim Perren on 09 Feb 2017

Everybody loves buzzwords. We’ve had a few bouncing around our offices recently, Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing. I have heard some people use these terms as though they were interchangeable. So, I thought it was worth putting together a quick blog post to explain the difference.

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What Is An Inbound Marketing Certification?

Posted by Jim Perren on 07 Feb 2017

For anyone who is looking to get an Inbound Marketing Certification there is only one place to start and that is HubSpot. The term ‘Inbound Marketing’ was coined by HubSpot CEO, Brian Halligan and is closely tied to the concept of Permission Marketing, Seth Godin’s book published in 1999.

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5 Reasons To Profile Your Top Clients

Posted by Francesca Meyrick on 06 Feb 2017

In the competitive business world in which we operate, it is vital to understand your customers.

We always recommend that clients profile their top customers once a year, to understand their communication channels, preferences and needs; this then leads to a more planned and targeted marketing approach.

In this blog, we’ll discuss 5 great ways to profile your customers:

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Membership Organisations With Charitable Status

Posted by Jim Perren on 03 Feb 2017

Many membership organisations and professional bodies enjoy charitable status. For some that means that they can (and actively seek to) take charitable donations through their websites.

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Why Personas Don't Work

Posted by Jim Perren on 01 Feb 2017

People understand that a really important stage in a marketing automation strategy is building out your key personas

But that sometimes means they rush away to ‘bash out’ a series of customer caricatures to tick the personas ‘box.’ Then they wonder why their marketing campaigns just aren’t getting the engagement that they hoped for.

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Digital Marketing News – Top 5 Stories, January 2017

Posted by Adam Looker on 01 Feb 2017

Keeping up with digital news and trends can be time-consuming. Let Adam from our Digital Marketing Team take you through the top 5 things to come out of the Digital Marketing sphere in January!

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Are you Ready for Marketing Automation?

Posted by Jim Perren on 30 Jan 2017

So, you’ve heard all about the good things that Marketing Automation can bring:

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Why Marketing Automation Fails

Posted by Jim Perren on 26 Jan 2017

Marketing Automation, when done properly, can improve the way that businesses identify hot leads, generate more leads, and nurture any leads which are not yet ready to buy.

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When is a Good Time to Consider Using Marketing Automation Workflow?

Posted by Jim Perren on 24 Jan 2017

As a marketer, are you generating leads but not looking after the ones who are not yet ready to buy? Or maybe your sales team is not completely happy with the quality of the leads that you are passing to them. Or maybe your poor marketing team is trying to follow up every lead by sending out individual emails manually. If any of these is the case then your business could definitely be benefiting from marketing automation workflows.

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What is a Landing Page?

Posted by Jim Perren on 20 Jan 2017

There is a little confusion around this subject (hence this post). If you type this question into Google it will give you the answer:

"A web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website."

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Why Are Buyer Personas Important in B2B Marketing?

Posted by Jim Perren on 18 Jan 2017

First let’s remind ourselves of what a buyer persona is. David Meerman Scott in New Rules of Marketing PR describes it as a representation of the “type of buyer you have identified as having a specific interest in your organisation or product”.

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Lead Scoring and Lead Decay in Marketing Automation

Posted by Jim Perren on 16 Jan 2017

Could lead scoring help you as a marketer deliver a better service to the sales team? Possibly, but you might need to ask a few more questions first. Firstly, are you delivering so many leads to the sales team, that they need some way of sorting the wheat from that chaff? If the real issue is that there just aren’t enough leads, your marketing efforts should be directed towards better lead generation.

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Crossing the Anonymity Threshold Explained

Posted by Jim Perren on 12 Jan 2017

At any moment in time your organisation has a sales pipeline. That pipeline at the widest point (the top of the sales funnel) is full of potential customers who you don’t yet know.

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How Important is a Mobile Friendly Website?

Posted by Jim Perren on 10 Jan 2017

I’m sitting in a Costa café in Holborn and I’ve struck gold!

This must be the only café in London, and the only table in Costa, with a power socket next to it.

Without it, my laptop would quickly ‘die’. I need my laptop to charge my phone, which is at zero battery. Don’t ask – I plugged it in last night and the cable came loose.

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Marketing Goals for 2017

Posted by Jim Perren on 10 Jan 2017

I am sitting on a train coming back from London. On my 20 minute walk to my customer along the embankment I don’t think I have ever seen so many lunch-time joggers anywhere. They were all out in their garish new running kit.

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What is the Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing?

Posted by Jim Perren on 04 Jan 2017

Why should you care?

Sales and Marketing are changing. Since our prospects and customers have ready access to the internet, they can go looking for information when they want to. If they have a problem they want to solve, their first step is likely to be a search on Google (other search providers are also available).

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"GRANDAD, What Was A 'Salesperson'?" - a look at how B2B sales has changed

Posted by Paul Tansey on 30 Dec 2016

Our Managing Director, Paul Tansey, is always very keen to share his thoughts about the business world through articles on LinkedIn. They always promote a lot of chatter and Paul seems to have a very good track record of predicting the direction of the industry.

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Which Marketing Automation System Should You Choose?

Posted by Jim Perren on 20 Dec 2016

So you’ve decided that Marketing Automation may be what your organisation needs. But which is the right one for you?

Are you B2B or B2C, are you selling online, or capturing leads? There are many factors that are worth considering before making your decision.

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How Much is Marketing Automation?

Posted by Jim Perren on 19 Dec 2016

So you’ve decided that Marketing Automation may be what you’re looking for. You would like to increase your lead generation , and you’d like to improve your lead nurturing by thoughtfully helping your prospects until they are ready to buy.
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What Are B2B Businesses Doing With Marketing Automation?

Posted by Jim Perren on 15 Dec 2016

A recent survey from 2016 published by Ascend2 highlighted some interesting findings of how businesses (predominantly B2B) are using Marketing Automation to their competitive advantage. They carried out a Marketing Automation Trends Survey and completed interviews with 239 marketing influencers. The survey was conducted online by a panel of more than 50,000 professionals representing the following company sizes:

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What is Marketing Automation?

Posted by Jim Perren on 13 Dec 2016

Marketing Automation is a combination of a software platform and a strategy (and tactics) to engage with all your potential customers often using an inbound marketing approach. It allows you to nurture customers with relevant, personalised content (think Amazon). It enables you to turn visitors into prospects and prospects into customers, and even customers into delighted customers.

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Lead Nurturing with Email

Posted by Jim Perren on 09 Dec 2016

What is Lead Nurturing?

“Excuse me mate, I couldn’t help noticing that your chariot wheel is a bit out of whack. It might come off in a charge through the Red Sea: Let me know if you’d like me to replace those spokes for you. In fact, if you get it to me this week, I’ll sharpen up the scythes on the wheels too.”

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How To Keep Your Tribe CRM Data Clean

Posted by Jim Perren on 07 Dec 2016

Picture this

One of your members has just landed themselves a new job in the industry.

Your organisation has a fully integrated website which allows him to update his new contact details himself. So he goes to the website, logs in and then chooses to update his membership record:

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Choosing an Inbound Marketing Agency in Dorset

Posted by Jim Perren on 05 Dec 2016

Many small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) in Dorset and Hampshire are looking at the advantages that an Inbound Marketing strategy will bring to their organisation.

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B2B Website Design

Posted by Mike Finn on 02 Dec 2016

There are thousands of examples of business-to-business (B2B) website design all around us. But what makes a really effective B2B website design?

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Keeping Pace With Marketing Change

Posted by Phil Spurgeon on 01 Dec 2016

In our line of work, we talk about change a lot.

Changes to Google algorithms, Facebook updates and new marketing tools are all just another day in the office for us.

But what about other kinds of businesses?

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Testing Personas in the Real World

Posted by Sally Durow on 29 Nov 2016

Setting Objectives

You’ve got up early, put your most comfortable smart shoes on and set off into the sunrise for a day at.... an exhibition.

If you’re anything like me, that scenario will fill you with dread but setting out with the objective of testing personas means you can leave the exhibition with a real sense of achievement. No, you really can, I promise!

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The Buyers Journey: Providing the Right Content at the Right Time

Posted by Jim Perren on 23 Nov 2016

We all know that any potential customer of our business doesn’t just wake up one morning thinking “you know what, I think I’ll go and buy some marketing services from Intergage”.

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Email is not dead.

Posted by Jim Perren on 21 Nov 2016

Email is not dead. In fact, it is the one channel through which most people are happy to receive marketing messages. So long as they are relevant.

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Tribe CRM Membership – Staying in Sync

Posted by Jim Perren on 17 Nov 2016

Does this sound familiar....

We often talk to customers who are moving from an older membership system to a new one. One of the key concerns, and something which they battle on a daily basis with, is, various, different pots of data that are out of synchronisation with each other.

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Lead Generation - You're Doing it Wrong!

Posted by Jim Perren on 15 Nov 2016

As a young civil servant in London looking for a career change, I went for an interview for a sales job at a publishing house. The sales director passed me his lighter and asked me to sell it to him.

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Inbound Marketing - It's Not Me It's You

Posted by Jim Perren on 11 Nov 2016

For the longest time at Intergage, we have been advising our customers to not just talk about themselves in their marketing and, in particular, on their websites.

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Adopting Marketing Automation

Posted by Jim Perren on 09 Nov 2016

Intergage is about to adopt another Marketing Automation technology. And we’re very serious about it. Anyone who has heard of the technology adoption lifecycle will be familiar with the Technology Adoption graph. 

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Our View on Digital Marketing News - Nov 2016

Posted by Adam Looker on 07 Nov 2016

Staying up to date with the comings and goings in the world of digital marketing is a full time job in itself. Let us take the leg-work out of it by bringing you the latest trends, updates and happenings.

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Online Self-Service for Membership Organisations & Trade Associations

Posted by Jim Perren on 07 Nov 2016

Where everyone knows your name

Most UK member organisations and trade assocaitions have a website to manage their interactions with their members and provide customer (or member) services. To manage the members’ personal (and sometimes professional) data they have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system too. Typically, the CRM system is based on either a purpose-built system for membership or around a powerful CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics which has been adapted for membership, such as Tribe CRM. 

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How to Create B2B Personas - Going Deep with Personas

Posted by Jim Perren on 04 Nov 2016

“I say, Holmes, why the furrowed brow?”

“I’m building a personality profile of the kinds of chaps that are likely to need a detective, Watson.”
“Ah, looking for some personality insights, are you Holmes? Mind if I lend a hand?”

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The Best of Technology for Marketing Show 2016

Posted by Jim Perren on 01 Nov 2016

The Technology for Marketing (TFM) show at Olympia happened at the end of September and I wanted to share a few nuggets of best practice advice from the event.

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7 Ways Lego's Marketing Proves Everything IS Awesome

Posted by Francesca Meyrick on 27 Oct 2016

Weighing up my entertainment options this weekend I rather curiously stumbled across The Secret World of Lego – a one-off documentary which offered viewers a sneak peek behind the scenes of the world’s most famous toy brand and the lucky individuals who get to work there.

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6 Tips to Maintain A Consistent Brand Image

Posted by Francesca Meyrick on 25 Oct 2016

Branding - often described as: "a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies a seller's goods or services as distinct to those from other sellers."

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Effective Training Leads to Higher Productivity and Increases Staff Retention

Posted by Cat Gold on 21 Oct 2016

Marketing, in particular digital marketing, is one of the most fast-moving industries in history with new platforms and technologies being created daily. It is vital for businesses to keep up to date with the latest marketing trends to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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The 7 Ps Of A Successful Marketing Campaign

Posted by Mali Brown on 19 Oct 2016

To aid the launch of a successful marketing campaign you first need to ‘set the scene’. This is achieved through asking questions such as “why are we doing what we’re doing?”; “who are we benefiting?” and “what are the intended outcomes of our campaign?”

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7 Things That Marketers Can Learn From Tesla

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 17 Oct 2016

Tesla Motors really is the centre of ‘brand-envy’ right now. Have you ever seen a television advertisement for Tesla Motors? A billboard? How about on a bus stop? Probably not - yet you’re likely to have heard of Tesla and its somewhat unconventional CEO, Elon Musk.

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Google Does Not Owe You A Living!

Posted by Mike Finn on 13 Oct 2016

The Monopoly 

Here in the UK we are in a situation where over 88% of Internet Searches are done using Google. There are seven times more searches conducted on Google than on all the other search engines combined.

That is a staggering monopoly, a monopoly created by us the Google users. We, as individuals have handed Google, on a plate everything we do, we want and we desire.

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Should Your Business Be Using Instagram?

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 11 Oct 2016

Instagram - often associated with photographs of egg and avocado on toast, sunsets and incredibly symmetrical images of skyscrapers.

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Why Traditional Marketing is still at the Heart of a Marketing Strategy

Posted by Mike Finn on 07 Oct 2016

The world of marketing is constantly evolving, with innovations in communications and channels emerging every day.

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Small Marketing Is Big: The Benefits of Niche Marketing

Posted by Mali Brown on 05 Oct 2016

Trying to be all things to all people is a sure way to limit the success of your business, especially within small companies. Every business requires a focus and a specific strategy to ensure they are meeting the needs and requirements of their customers.

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2016 Digital Marketing Trends for SMEs

Posted by Mike Finn on 03 Oct 2016

What we love about digital marketing is that every year our job changes. Keeping up to date with the latest trends, algorithm changes and user behaviour reports is a full time job in itself, and we're always making sure we're up to date.

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Steps Involved in Planning a Seminar

Posted by Francesca Meyrick on 27 Sep 2016

Whenever a major seminar, festival, concert, conference, convention or other public event is underway, issues arise surrounding its management. Event management is an overarching term referring to the techniques and actions used in the research, planning, preparation and execution of an event. There are event management teams and individual event managers that oversee these events from start to finish, ensuring that the event runs smoothly and has no setbacks.

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You Can't Push Rope (& Other Clichés) - A Social Media Rant

Posted by Mike Finn on 23 Sep 2016

Those who know me well will recognise this as one of my favorite sayings.

If it needs explaining, what it really means is that rope is great for pulling stuff, but if you try pushing it, then it simply crumples. Read More

Influences On The Offline/Online Marketing Mix - Are You Diluting Your Marketing Message?

Posted by Hannah Bryan on 21 Sep 2016

Did you get the message?

In today’s society we are bombarded by around 3,000 marketing and sales messages every day. The burden to ensure that your marketing communication is noticed and more importantly, acted on, is intense and marketing managers and directors are under increasing pressure to deliver a high ROI whilst aiming to keep marketing budgets to a minimum.

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The Importance of Refreshing Your Brand

Posted by Mike Finn on 19 Sep 2016

A brand refresh can come in many different forms, from designing new graphics, changing a company name, releasing a new product category or even changing the way in which a business advertises.

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Quick Tip Guide: 5 Essentials of Thriving Event Marketing

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 15 Sep 2016

Quick Tip Guides is a new series of short advice pieces focusing on a particular area of marketing. In this first edition we look at the benefits of Event Marketing and how to achieve effective and successful events.

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Posted by Jim Perren on 13 Sep 2016

 If you’re looking for B2B marketing classes then you’ve come to the right place.

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Why Outsource Your Marketing?

Posted by Mali Brown on 09 Sep 2016

Outsourced marketing is the handing over of marketing demands and activities to a third party company or marketing agency. Outsourced marketing is not a new concept, however, Global Workplace Solutions predicts: "the demand for these outsourced services is expected to grow significantly within the next 3-5 years, with 87% of organisations already using them."

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Google AdWords - It's Not Easy, But it Doesn't Have to be difficult!

Posted by Adam Looker on 07 Sep 2016

AdWords is an amazing marketing tool. But let’s not kid ourselves; it can easily become overwhelming. There are some simple things you can do daily, weekly and monthly to stay on top of it all. In this blog we will give insight into some of the things we recommend you do to make AdWords manageable.

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The New Realities of B2B Buyer Behaviour

Posted by Mike Finn on 06 Sep 2016

Assuming you’re old enough and your memory hasn’t quite given up the ghost, can you remember how you would have purchased a car 15 years ago?

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How Google's Expanded Text Ads Will Boost Your Click-Through Rate

Posted by Adam Looker on 05 Sep 2016

For years Google AdWords has enabled you to advertise to millions of searchers…as long as you can squeeze compelling ad copy into a 25 character headline and two 35 character description lines.*

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10 Tips To Create A Successful Marketing Plan

Posted by Mike Finn on 25 Aug 2016

In any industry the value of planning is greatly recognised. It is considered as being the key to success, yet few actually put into practice the plans they create. Often the process of writing a 20 page marketing plan is “too time consuming”, it requires serious levels of focus and it can seem like a chore before it’s even started. Writing a marketing plan and sticking to it is one of the biggest challenges in marketing.

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Should You Secure Your Site With SSL For Better Search Rankings?

Posted by Mike Finn on 19 Aug 2016

In August 2014 Google announced that it would start to use HTTPS as a search ranking factor. In doing so it was trying to ‘encourage’ website owners to migrate to SSL in an effort to improve the privacy and security of the Internet as a whole. Back then it affected only 1% of global queries and carried much less weight than other factors.

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Top 8 Ways To Use Video For Business

Posted by Mike Finn on 17 Aug 2016

Today the digital space is busier than ever and competition is fierce not only for rankings, but for the attention of your average user. This user is becoming increasingly disinterested with boring sales pitches and stale websites so you’ll need to provide users with engaging content that captures their attention.

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Do Business As If Google Does Not Exist

Posted by Mike Finn on 15 Aug 2016

Setting the Scene...

Imagine you run a shop in a village, and on your opening day a coach full of people turns up at 9.30 a.m and all of the 75 coach passengers come into your shop and buy lots of stuff.

The next day the same thing happens, and then the next. This goes on for a couple of weeks and then 2 coaches pull up. This goes on for months, every couple of weeks another coach full of people turns up and buys lots of stuff.

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10 Useful Offline Tracking Techniques

Posted by Mali Brown on 11 Aug 2016

So, you’ve dedicated loads of time and effort to developing a campaign. You’ve used offline and online marketing tactics because, these days, it is essential to create multichannel integrated campaigns.

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3 Reasons To Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Competitors Closer

Posted by Francesca Meyrick on 09 Aug 2016

The market place is a crowded one, and full of competitors. One of the biggest mistakes an organisation can make, large or small, is having the impression they do not have any competitors, or at least any worth keeping an eye on.

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3 Reasons To Acknowledge User Experience On Your Website

Posted by Liam Major on 05 Aug 2016

We’ve become increasingly dependent on our smart phones, tablets and laptops.

That’s a fact.

As such, one of the main ways we find out about, well… anything is through using one of the many devices on which we invest so much of our time.

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Facebook Is No Longer Free For Businesses

Posted by Liam Major on 01 Aug 2016

In recent months, I’ve found myself telling clients that Facebook is no longer a free tool for small businesses. If you want to use Facebook successfully as a small or medium sized business, it’s time to open your wallet.

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7 Steps for an Optimised Content Marketing Strategy

Posted by Phil Spurgeon on 25 Jul 2016

Google seems to have been on a mission over the last couple years with two big algorithm updates, Panda and Penguin. I have even been asked the question: “Is SEO dead?”

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Understanding Your Website Goals & Objectives

Posted by Paul Sullivan on 21 Jul 2016

When commencing a website build it is really important you understand how the website can generate a significant return for your business.

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6 Steps To Telling Your Story; Step 4 - How Do You Tell The World?

Posted by Mali Brown on 19 Jul 2016

(Following up on STEP 3 - What Is Your Unique Story?)

Now that you have a clear definition of your values and personality, as well as your unique story, it is time to communicate it to the world - specifically, your core target audiences.

Creativity is the key to success.

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More Sales Without More Sales People - The Virtual Sales Presentation

Posted by Paul Tansey on 15 Jul 2016

I rarely post on Intergage products and services but occasionally I get so excited I just have to. Today is one such post.

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6 Steps To Telling Your Story; Step 3 - What Is Your Unique Story?

Posted by Mike Finn on 13 Jul 2016

(Following up on STEP 2- What Does Your Brand Say?)

Communicating your brand story is essential to building upon your brand values and USP in the competitive marketplace and can also give your company a recognisable personality, which will go further than purely your visual branding.

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The Marketing Journey Starts with a Mission and a Vision

Posted by Paul Tansey on 07 Jul 2016

 In my last Blog I talked about personal vision and mission and how entrepreneurs can pursue “Success” only to find themselves wealthy, alone and unhappy. The art of really knowing what you want in order to align your business with your personal goals is a critical one for any entrepreneur and started with the deceptively simple question, “What do you want?”

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Why Do You Need A Marketing Plan?

Posted by Mike Finn on 05 Jul 2016

According to Marketing Profs, only 66% of small businesses currently have a marketing plan. This means almost half of these smaller businesses are missing out on making sales.

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5 Steps To Brand Adoration; STEP 5 - Manage Your Brand

Posted by Mike Finn on 01 Jul 2016

(Following up on STEP 4: Brand Communication)

Now your brand is established and being communicated regularly, it is important to make sure it is closely managed to avoid any mistakes, causing confusion for your audience.

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How Important Is Site Speed In 2017?

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 29 Jun 2016

We’re all getting less and less patient online – and rightly so. There’s no real excuse to wait anymore. Google’s search utility has now become so advanced that it’s often quicker for us to back out of a slow loading site and find another option, instead of just waiting.

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Why is Local SEO Important?

Posted by Adam Looker on 27 Jun 2016

The likelihood is that if you’re reading this blog post, you probably already know how important SEO is for businesses of all kinds. But when your customers are searching for you with a geographical bias e.g. “hotels in Hampshire” – those traditional SEO techniques alone, may not be getting you the search visibility you’re after.

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Before You Publish That New Webpage - Use This Checklist!

Posted by Duncan Marsh on 21 Jun 2016

How Attention to Detail can help you avoid Web Design Pitfalls

With more eye balls than ever before viewing your content there is now a greater emphasis on getting the detail right and presenting your story, business and product as well as you possibly can.

Gone are the days where you could justify an ‘OK’ presentation. ‘Just enough’ will no longer suffice. Demand for quality is rising fast and no industry or sector is excused.

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How To Save Time And Money With Wireframes

Posted by Duncan Marsh on 17 Jun 2016

As a project manager, clients often try to skip through the wireframe stage in order to get to the more interesting and fun aspects of building a site such as branding and design.

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Bloggers: If You Only Do One Thing Today... Do This!

Posted by Keira Long on 15 Jun 2016

There is a lot of work that goes into creating and maintaining a blog.

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6 Steps To Telling Your Story; Step 1 - What Do You Stand For?

Posted by Mali Brown on 13 Jun 2016

This blogging series of six articles will take you through the core elements to successfully communicate with your audience through storytelling and multichannel campaigns.

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The Three P's Of Content Marketing

Posted by Mike Finn on 09 Jun 2016

Content marketing is a concept which, if executed correctly, allows you to target the perfect piece of content, at the exact right person, just when they want or need to see it. It’s a great process to master, but this blog covers some extra trains of thoughts which are sometimes forgotten about…People, Passion and Patience.

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3 Aims Of A Successful Link Building Strategy

Posted by Adam Looker on 07 Jun 2016

Since its inception, one of the foundations of the Google search algorithm (used to rank pages in search results) is the PageRank formula.

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What Is Your Biggest Marketing Challenge?

Posted by Mike Finn on 01 Jun 2016

 This is often a very difficult question for a marketer to answer and offers the perfect opportunity to use a surfing analogy. 

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Employee Engagement And All That Fluffy Stuff!

Posted by Hannah Bryan on 26 May 2016

Employee engagement is a workplace approach to ensure that employees understand their organisation’s goals and values. It’s important they know how to apply them to their role and are motivated to contribute to the success of their workplace, whilst feeling an enhanced sense of personal wellbeing and satisfaction.

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You Must Move Away From The Keyword Paradigm

Posted by Mike Finn on 24 May 2016

Ever since I have been involved in Search Marketing (some 15 years now!), the keyword has been the central focus of everything we do.

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5 Steps to Brand Adoration; Step 1 - Knowing why you need branding

Posted by Mali Brown on 20 May 2016

This is the first in our series of 5 blogs, taking you on the journey to creating a truly effective brand.

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What Is A/B Testing And Why Does Your Business Need It?

Posted by Liam Major on 18 May 2016

If you are involved in a business looking to squeeze every ounce of conversion potential from a shiny new website, A/B testing may just be the tool for you.

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Why Should Businesses Run Events?

Posted by Chris Powell on 16 May 2016

I am often asked whether holding an event can really improve a company's visibility and sales. People ask ... is it going to be time, effort and money well spent? And my answer is always YES.

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10 Tips for Measuring your Marketing Success - 2 of 2

Posted by Mali Brown on 12 May 2016

My previous blog highlighted the first five Tips for Measuring your Marketing Success, including setting your KPI’s, the importance of research and why measurement, testing and audits are important. Here are the next five Steps to help you on your way to a successful business.

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10 Tips For Measuring Your Marketing Success - 1 of 2

Posted by Mali Brown on 10 May 2016

Here at Intergage we are big believers in measuring the success of your marketing, constantly reviewing and analysing the results. This then forms the basis of your forward planning.

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Are You Scared to Invest in Online Advertising?

Posted by Mike Finn on 06 May 2016

For website owners the pursuit of relevant traffic is an endless one. High organic rankings are what everyone wants, but hardly anyone gets.

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How To Market Your Business Online With LinkedIn

Posted by Paul Tansey on 04 May 2016

 Social networking sites like LinkedIn have revolutionised the way we communicate and market our businesses.

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The Importance Of Having High Quality Brand Assets

Posted by Claire Latchem on 02 May 2016

Do you want your company to be picked first, to stand out of the crowd and effectively be the ‘go-to’ people for your particular product or service? You’ll need to have a great looking brand to start with.  These days, form is just as valuable as function.

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Aligning Your Content With The Prospect Buying Cycle

Posted by Mike Finn on 18 Apr 2016

Just as the digital revolution changed consumer buying habits, so too has business-to-business selling. It’s become a much less linear process and in some instances, negates the need for sales personnel altogether. Why? Because nowadays, customers research, evaluate, select and share their experiences about products with each other creating a mass of peer reviews and alternative authority figures who are just begging to be heard.

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8 Ways To Evolve Your Sales & Marketing

Posted by Mali Brown on 06 Apr 2016

Sales and marketing is constantly changing. It can be hard for sales and marketing teams to keep up with the rapid pace of change that we have seen in the last 20 years. Keeping up with change is one thing - knowing where to start, with regards to evolving a business, is another challenge altogether.

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What The Heck Is Generation C And Is It Important To Me?

Posted by Mike Finn on 04 Apr 2016

What is Generation-C? Unlike any of the other descriptors and labels we apply to society, such as post-baby boomers, Generation X, Generation C does not reside in any particular slice of time but in a state of mind and an ethos that describes an ever-growing section of society.

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