Behaviour change is not too big an ask

Posted by Hannah Bryan on 19 Jul 2018

“What technology has provided us with is the ability to communicate whenever we want and on our own terms,” says Mike Finn, marketing director of Intergage, the specialist B2B marketing agency.

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Influences On The Offline/Online Marketing Mix - Are You Diluting Your Marketing Message?

Posted by Hannah Bryan on 21 Sep 2016

Did you get the message?

In today’s society we are bombarded by around 3,000 marketing and sales messages every day. The burden to ensure that your marketing communication is noticed and more importantly, acted on, is intense and marketing managers and directors are under increasing pressure to deliver a high ROI whilst aiming to keep marketing budgets to a minimum.

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Employee Engagement And All That Fluffy Stuff!

Posted by Hannah Bryan on 26 May 2016

Employee engagement is a workplace approach to ensure that employees understand their organisation’s goals and values. It’s important they know how to apply them to their role and are motivated to contribute to the success of their workplace, whilst feeling an enhanced sense of personal wellbeing and satisfaction.

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