Default position has been re-set

Posted by Mike Finn on 02 Aug 2018

What is astonishing if the amount of time the internet absorbs without you realising it, says Ian Rodd, managing director of chartered accountants and business advisers Ward Goodman.

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Instant impact to achieve position

Posted by Mike Finn on 01 Aug 2018

“As a company, we had lived off a wonderful reputation for bespoke work. What we needed to do was to make sure ours was the name which immediately came to mind for more standard requirements.”

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Inbound Marketing - Their New Strategy

Posted by Mike Finn on 31 Jul 2018

Buz Ross is deeply aware of the truism that just because a company is in a communications business, it won’t necessarily be good at communicating about itself.

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Re-appraisal Led To New Materials

Posted by Mike Finn on 30 Jul 2018

“I think there is a trend in B2B websites towards style over content."

"There will be a beautiful picture on the homepage but after admiring it, you have to really dig to find what content there might be behind it. It might be a fabulous aesthetic experience but if I’m not in the mood for that, I’ll move on.”

Graeme Purdy is the chief executive of AIM-quoted innovation company Ilika plc - and he’s speaking on the back of root-and-branch re-appraisal of their own web presence.

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Noise makes it harder to focus

Posted by Mike Finn on 27 Jul 2018

The “massive shift” in the way that businesses talk to their customers over the past fifteen years has led to the creation of a lot of “noise.” And that makes it hard to focus on what’s important, observes Sam Strover, managing director of independent internet service provider Vostron.

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Wrapping advice round the product

Posted by Mike Finn on 26 Jul 2018

Here’s a fine example of glass-half-full thinking from Peter Marsh, managing director of Turbo Dynamics.

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Do relationships now need more work?

Posted by Mike Finn on 25 Jul 2018

How to marry the use of technology for communications with the overriding need to create and perpetuate great personal relationships with clients? That’s a question pondered by Alan Powell, chairman of architects HPW Architecture, who says there’s no greater enjoyment in business than meeting a new client face-to-face and establishing that connection.

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Keeping Bedrock In One Piece

Posted by Mike Finn on 25 Jul 2018

“Your brand is your bedrock,” says Edwin Bessant, chief executive of Ceuta Group. “And the primary importance of thoroughly understanding and consistently communicating a set of clear messages is key to sustainable success.”

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How To Fit With The Customer

Posted by Mike Finn on 24 Jul 2018

Richard Hunt has a simple but pragmatic take on how companies can effectively engage with the customer.

“Communication has to be in any medium the customer requires,” says the managing director of Hunt’s Foodservice, the £70million turnover catering wholesaler whose customers include ice cream vendors and five-star hotels.

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Fundamental clue is right in front of you

Posted by Mike Finn on 23 Jul 2018

‘Accessibility’ for people with disabilities is a term much talked about, but many businesses are still missing something quite fundamental, according to Dr Nasser Siabi, the chief executive of 

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How to manage consultative sale

Posted by Mike Finn on 20 Jul 2018

“Reputation comes not just from the quality of the product but helping people make the right choice. If companies put the effort in at the beginning, and their websites have to enable that to happen, then they are more likely to make the customer happy.

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Coping with the learning curve

Posted by Mike Finn on 18 Jul 2018

“I find that I am unsubscribing from things I want to receive but I haven’t had time to read; even the top article.” Jonathan Gerson, founder and managing director of Dorset Software isn’t just making an observation.

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