How to Plan and Manage a Website Redesign Project

Posted by Mike Finn on 15 Dec 2017

When I started working at Intergage I had absolutely no idea how much work was involved in planning and building a website from scratch.  I would argue that a redesign is even harder as there is a degree of emotional attachment to the existing site and it is entirely possible for you to still be bearing the scars of the initial build even if it was 6 years ago!  We get it - it can be painful with a humungous capital P! 

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How To Do Content Marketing - Part 1

Posted by Mike Finn on 29 Aug 2017

How hard can it be? Just crank out a few blogs, link them back to the content on your website - bish-bash-bosh, gold medal. Well, that is one approach.

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How To Do Content Marketing - Part 2

Posted by Mike Finn on 29 Aug 2017

So, we’ll bash out a few blogs then, with our keyword phrases in the title? Again, it’s a good start.

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Closing Your Prospects When They Are Red Hot

Posted by Mike Finn on 29 Aug 2017

You know what it’s like, as a sales professional. You send your hot prospect a proposal that you have slaved over. This deal is your make-or-break for this month, or even the quarter.

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You’re Targeting the Wrong Part of the Marketing Funnel!

Posted by Mike Finn on 06 Jun 2017

Is all your marketing aimed at those who already know what they want?

It seems obvious – put your marketing budget into attracting prospects when they already know what they want to buy. Right?

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Should You Secure Your Site With SSL For Better User Experience?

Posted by Mike Finn on 29 Mar 2017

In November 2016 we wrote a blog about how changes to Google’s Chrome browser might affect your website as well as the changes that Google said they would be making in the coming months.

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B2B Website Design

Posted by Mike Finn on 02 Dec 2016

There are thousands of examples of business-to-business (B2B) website design all around us. But what makes a really effective B2B website design?

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Google Does Not Owe You A Living!

Posted by Mike Finn on 13 Oct 2016

The Monopoly 

Here in the UK we are in a situation where over 88% of Internet Searches are done using Google. There are seven times more searches conducted on Google than on all the other search engines combined.

That is a staggering monopoly, a monopoly created by us the Google users. We, as individuals have handed Google, on a plate everything we do, we want and we desire.

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Why Traditional Marketing is still at the Heart of a Marketing Strategy

Posted by Mike Finn on 07 Oct 2016

The world of marketing is constantly evolving, with innovations in communications and channels emerging every day.

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2016 Digital Marketing Trends for SMEs

Posted by Mike Finn on 03 Oct 2016

What we love about digital marketing is that every year our job changes. Keeping up to date with the latest trends, algorithm changes and user behaviour reports is a full time job in itself, and we're always making sure we're up to date.

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You Can't Push Rope (& Other Clichés) - A Social Media Rant

Posted by Mike Finn on 23 Sep 2016

Those who know me well will recognise this as one of my favorite sayings.

If it needs explaining, what it really means is that rope is great for pulling stuff, but if you try pushing it, then it simply crumples. Read More

The Importance of Refreshing Your Brand

Posted by Mike Finn on 19 Sep 2016

A brand refresh can come in many different forms, from designing new graphics, changing a company name, releasing a new product category or even changing the way in which a business advertises.

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