Meet Our New Junior Graphic Designer

Posted by Paul Tansey on 19 Oct 2018

The people at Intergage are what make us special. We all bring our own qwerks, our own specialities and our own styles.

So, when there's a change to the fundamental makeup of what makes Intergage special, such as welcoming in a new Intergager, we feel it's super important to include you guys on that news. 

We're really happy to be sharing with you, a growth in our design team and a brand new Intergager.

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"GRANDAD, What Was A 'Salesperson'?" - a look at how B2B sales has changed

Posted by Paul Tansey on 30 Dec 2016

Our Managing Director, Paul Tansey, is always very keen to share his thoughts about the business world through articles on LinkedIn. They always promote a lot of chatter and Paul seems to have a very good track record of predicting the direction of the industry.

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More Sales Without More Sales People - The Virtual Sales Presentation

Posted by Paul Tansey on 15 Jul 2016

I rarely post on Intergage products and services but occasionally I get so excited I just have to. Today is one such post.

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The Marketing Journey Starts with a Mission and a Vision

Posted by Paul Tansey on 07 Jul 2016

 In my last Blog I talked about personal vision and mission and how entrepreneurs can pursue “Success” only to find themselves wealthy, alone and unhappy. The art of really knowing what you want in order to align your business with your personal goals is a critical one for any entrepreneur and started with the deceptively simple question, “What do you want?”

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How To Market Your Business Online With LinkedIn

Posted by Paul Tansey on 04 May 2016

 Social networking sites like LinkedIn have revolutionised the way we communicate and market our businesses.

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