Why Ignoring UX Kills Conversions

Posted by Sally Durow on 23 Feb 2018

You will see UX banded about as a term and think that is something for super geeks who only ever talk to websites.  While that may, in some cases, be true the harsh reality is that we all now need to take heed of the insight understanding UX gives us.

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7 Tips to Redesigning a Great B2B Website

Posted by Sally Durow on 21 Aug 2017

We all know what we like in a website. Let’s face it we have to look at enough of them for work, to learn, to run our lives, to make things happen and sometimes even for fun!  We also know how frustrating some websites can be.  How many times do you get frustrated with not being able to find information on websites or the functionality simply to not work?

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Testing Personas in the Real World

Posted by Sally Durow on 29 Nov 2016

Setting Objectives

You’ve got up early, put your most comfortable smart shoes on and set off into the sunrise for a day at.... an exhibition.

If you’re anything like me, that scenario will fill you with dread but setting out with the objective of testing personas means you can leave the exhibition with a real sense of achievement. No, you really can, I promise!

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