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Becoming a Lion – My HubSpot Boot Camp Experience

Written by Paul Sullivan

Intergage is a UK digital marketing agency, based on the South coast, established for over 17 years with 400+ clients.  


As the Internet has diversified and grown, so has our business. Our sales approach has always been to educate and inform -  something that aligns perfectly with HubSpot.

In the last decade or so we have relied on public speaking, networking, referrals, recommendations and repeat business from our client base to grow. 

We have historically engaged with people who know what we do and who we are, at a point when they know what they need. What we haven't done for many years is identify and proactively pursue the right type of prospects before they knew they even had a problem. 

As a web design and digital marketing agency we have also seen our market has become so much more crowded over time, making it harder to differentiate. Waiting for business to come to us, no matter how good our reputation, was becoming more difficult.

We needed to take the initiative. 


Intergage became a HubSpot Partner back in September 2016 after many years of watching the marketing automation market evolve. We set a target to become the most accredited HubSpot agency in the UK. We quickly achieved over 100 HubSpot qualifications across our team but despite all this knowledge we were afraid to pick up the phone and connect with people at business we didn't know - even to arrange an exploratory call.

Brian Sexton our excellent Channel Account Manager suggested we apply for a spot on the upcoming HubSpot Boot Camp led by the legendary Dan Tyre - employee #6 at HubSpot.

As an agency we jumped at the chance and requested that 3 directors in our business apply for places – we were delighted when Dan agreed to our request and enrolled us on the 8 Week programme to become HubSpot 'Lions'.

The Bootcamp

The training provided and the journey Dan took his "Lions" on was first class. The passion and knowledge Dan shared with the group was amazing. He took time out to understand me as an individual and build the confidence I needed to manage a connect call by focusing on ways to HELP the prospect.

Role playing was the toughest element of the Boot Camp for me and the objection handling could be tough, depending on the scenario – however Dan always pulled us back to the over-riding goal, to offer HELP using a give/get approach.

Always Help

Dan stressed the connect call should never focus on qualifying a prospect, it is about building rapport and sharing insights with the prospect that genuinely add value.

Our focus is now on lead generation, customer acquisition, client retention and competitive advantage – we are no longer another marketing agency but consider ourselves a growth agency - specialising in helping B2B clients in technical industries grow their businesses faster.

This has really helped kick start the growth of a new and improved sales pipeline here at Intergage – we are starting to build out automated sequences using the HubSpot software and I am now able to pick up the phone and engage with a prospect without breaking into a cold sweat.


I still have challenges to overcome – I tend to speak far too quickly when I get nervous. But I am getting better with practice … provided I remember to PAUSE and BREATHE!

Ultimately the aim of a connect call is to setup an exploratory call - where we focus on the prospect's goals, challenges, plans and timescales in order to understand if the prospect is a good fit.

Because our approach is always to provide value, even if the prospect isn't a good fit we provide a great experience and we know that this may earn a us potential referral.

I want to pass on my thanks to both Dan and Brian for the patience and support provided – I am no expert but I now have the confidence to pick up the phone and speak to people and business is already seeing the benefits as our sales pipeline grows.

A Growth Agency

If anyone gets the opportunity to invest time on one of Dan’s Boot Camps I recommend you jump at it – it is great fun and you will never get a better chance to truly understand the HubSpot methodology!

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Orginally published on Wednesday 2 August, 2017 | Last updated Tuesday 19 March, 2019

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