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Marketing Goals for 2017

Written by Jim Perren
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I am sitting on a train coming back from London. On my 20 minute walk to my customer along the embankment I don’t think I have ever seen so many lunch-time joggers anywhere. They were all out in their garish new running kit.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. January is a time for shaking off the excesses of Christmas and New Year and getting back into shape for the year ahead.

I am doing that myself now. What follows are not New Year’s resolutions, more a list of goals that I would like to achieve this year. You probably have something similar?

Mine includes getting everyone at Intergage right up to speed with Marketing Automation using HubSpot. That means getting them trained up on the various courses that HubSpot has to offer. We currently have over 65 certifications between us, with more coming every week.

I am currently working with HubSpot projects and I really like the way that they provide you with a structure and guide so that all steps are completed.

I also want to get our Marketing Automation offering clear and easy for our customers to understand. Currently we have:

We also need to move our blogging platform onto HubSpot so that we can see which blogs are working well and who is engaging with them (which, as you can see we have done!).

As the Marketing Technology Specialist here I want to make sure that we are supporting our Tribe CRM users with appropriate blogs on offering membership self-service through your website and keeping your CRM and Website data in synch too.

I also want to make sure that we have a process in place so that when blogs are written, all the background tasks are lined up as a process:

Things like:

  1. Assigning them a topic so that visitors can filter them on the site
  2. Writing up the META descriptions, so that Google displays and ranks them well
  3. Adding a default image so that they display nicely
  4. Automating sharing across our various social media platforms, so that they get good exposure and more likes and shares

I also need to have a chat with Paul about the number of blogs that we do. At the moment I am trying to produce at least ten blogs per month, but the goal is 16+.

How many blogs or new pieces of content are you producing per month? This is the hard grind that will help you rank well in the search engines.

And besides all of that good marketing and work stuff, I think the time has come to try a sprint Triathlon! Just to be clear, that doesn’t mean doing a Triathlon really fast – just that it’s not nearly as long as a standard triathlon. Is anybody with me? I did mention it to John and Gregg in a moment of weakness last year – but I am still game if you are, guys?

Me, me me, isn’t it?

Well what about you – is anyone willing to share their goals for the year - marketing or otherwise?

One thing that we are planning to provide this year is a forum for marketers to get together to share ideas, share issues and get mutually supportive feedback from Marketing Leaders. If you are in Marketing within your organisation why not take a look at our Marketing Leaders Lunches? The first one is on us - just click on the 'Book Your Place Now' button below.

Whatever your plans are for 2017, I hope you have a fantastic New Year and a very successful one too.

Orginally published on Tuesday 10 January, 2017 | Last updated Friday 7 June, 2019

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