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Membership Organisations With Charitable Status

Written by Jim Perren

Many membership organisations and professional bodies enjoy charitable status. For some that means that they can (and actively seek to) take charitable donations through their websites.

If you are considering a new website, get your pencil out and check off each of these donation types against any website or CMS that you are considering:

  • Stand Alone Donations
  • Gift Aid easily incorporated
  • Donations to Big Campaigns
  • Avatar images and personal messages for donors
  • Simple reporting on Gift Aid donations
  • Adding donations to your purchase at the Checkout

Stand Alone Donations

Firstly, if you simply invite people to donate this can be easily managed within the CMS. The advantage of using this software is that no percentage is taken by Intergage (unlike JustGiving).
membership organisations with charitable status_1.png

Both of these donation methods make it easy for members and visitors to add gift aid to their donations. Intergage makes no extra charge for the use of the software – just a few hours for the initial loading and set up of the modules.

Additional donations pledged whilst purchasing/renewing membership

This is also available. At the checkout for example, we can ask if the visitor would like to add a donation (see screen shot). As you can see, we can add pre-set amounts that the visitor might want to donate. This is all configurable by you.
membership organisations with charitable status_2.png

Donations made in response to membership appeals
membership organisations with charitable status_3.png

The Badger vaccination appeal as shown above is just such an appeal. Donations can be given anonymously, or the user can choose an image and a message to show up next to their message:
membership organisations with charitable status_4.png

Logging donation & gift aid data on individual member records

That is true within the CMS. You will be able to see who has donated what and what the gift aid was.

Sending of donation acknowledgment

Possible option to send email acknowledgment, with personalised letter sent to those donating over a certain amount.

Donations will be immediately acknowledged on the website and via email. If you wish to trigger a letter to be delivered for donations over a certain amount, that will need to be done within the Tribe CRM system.

Ability to seamlessly integrate with GiftAid

As you can see from the screenshots, the CMS will readily collect and report on GiftAid donations. To extract that information for reporting is straight-forward in the CMS:
membership organisations with charitable status_5.png

GiftAid marker for individual donations

Individual donations will be marked on the website as including Gift Aid:
membership organisations with charitable status_6.png

 They are also marked in the Donation manager which is a back-end function that only the administrator(s) will have access to:
membership organisations with charitable status_7.png

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Orginally published on Friday 3 February, 2017 | Last updated Friday 7 June, 2019

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