6 Steps To Telling Your Story; Step 3 - What Is Your Unique Story?

Posted by Mike Finn on 13 Jul 2016

(Following up on STEP 2- What Does Your Brand Say?)

Communicating your brand story is essential to building upon your brand values and USP in the competitive marketplace and can also give your company a recognisable personality, which will go further than purely your visual branding.

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The Marketing Journey Starts with a Mission and a Vision

Posted by Paul Tansey on 07 Jul 2016

 In my last Blog I talked about personal vision and mission and how entrepreneurs can pursue “Success” only to find themselves wealthy, alone and unhappy. The art of really knowing what you want in order to align your business with your personal goals is a critical one for any entrepreneur and started with the deceptively simple question, “What do you want?”

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Why Do You Need A Marketing Plan?

Posted by Mike Finn on 05 Jul 2016

According to Marketing Profs, only 66% of small businesses currently have a marketing plan. This means almost half of these smaller businesses are missing out on making sales.

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5 Steps To Brand Adoration; STEP 5 - Manage your brand

Posted by Mike Finn on 01 Jul 2016

(Following up on STEP 4: Brand Communication)

Now your brand is established and being communicated regularly, it is important to make sure it is closely managed to avoid any mistakes, causing confusion for your audience.

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How Important Is Site Speed In 2017?

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 29 Jun 2016

We’re all getting less and less patient online – and rightly so. There’s no real excuse to wait anymore. Google’s search utility has now become so advanced that it’s often quicker for us to back out of a slow loading site and find another option, instead of just waiting.

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Why is Local SEO Important?

Posted by Adam Looker on 27 Jun 2016

The likelihood is that if you’re reading this blog post, you probably already know how important SEO is for businesses of all kinds. But when your customers are searching for you with a geographical bias e.g. “hotels in Hampshire” – those traditional SEO techniques alone, may not be getting you the search visibility you’re after.

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Before You Publish That New Webpage - Use This Checklist!

Posted by Duncan Marsh on 21 Jun 2016

How Attention to Detail can help you avoid Web Design Pitfalls

With more eye balls than ever before viewing your content there is now a greater emphasis on getting the detail right and presenting your story, business and product as well as you possibly can.

Gone are the days where you could justify an ‘OK’ presentation. ‘Just enough’ will no longer suffice. Demand for quality is rising fast and no industry or sector is excused.

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How To Save Time And Money With Wireframes

Posted by Duncan Marsh on 17 Jun 2016

As a project manager, clients often try to skip through the wireframe stage in order to get to the more interesting and fun aspects of building a site such as branding and design.

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Bloggers: If You Only Do One Thing Today... Do This!

Posted by Keira Long on 15 Jun 2016

There is a lot of work that goes into creating and maintaining a blog.

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