The Three P's Of Content Marketing

Posted by Mike Finn on 09 Jun 2016

Content marketing is a concept which, if executed correctly, allows you to target the perfect piece of content, at the exact right person, just when they want or need to see it. It’s a great process to master, but this blog covers some extra trains of thoughts which are sometimes forgotten about…People, Passion and Patience.

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3 Aims Of A Successful Link Building Strategy

Posted by Adam Looker on 07 Jun 2016

Since its inception, one of the foundations of the Google search algorithm (used to rank pages in search results) is the PageRank formula.

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What Is Your Biggest Marketing Challenge?

Posted by Mike Finn on 01 Jun 2016

 This is often a very difficult question for a marketer to answer and offers the perfect opportunity to use a surfing analogy. 

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Employee Engagement And All That Fluffy Stuff!

Posted by Hannah Bryan on 26 May 2016

Employee engagement is a workplace approach to ensure that employees understand their organisation’s goals and values. It’s important they know how to apply them to their role and are motivated to contribute to the success of their workplace, whilst feeling an enhanced sense of personal wellbeing and satisfaction.

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You Must Move Away From The Keyword Paradigm

Posted by Mike Finn on 24 May 2016

Ever since I have been involved in Search Marketing (some 15 years now!), the keyword has been the central focus of everything we do.

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5 Steps to Brand Adoration; Step 1 - Knowing why you need branding

Posted by Mali Brown on 20 May 2016

This is the first in our series of 5 blogs, taking you on the journey to creating a truly effective brand.

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What Is A/B Testing And Why Does Your Business Need It?

Posted by Liam Major on 18 May 2016

If you are involved in a business looking to squeeze every ounce of conversion potential from a shiny new website, A/B testing may just be the tool for you.

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Why Should Businesses Run Events?

Posted by Chris Powell on 16 May 2016

I am often asked whether holding an event can really improve a company's visibility and sales. People ask ... is it going to be time, effort and money well spent? And my answer is always YES.

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10 Tips for Measuring your Marketing Success - 2 of 2

Posted by Mali Brown on 12 May 2016

My previous blog highlighted the first five Tips for Measuring your Marketing Success, including setting your KPI’s, the importance of research and why measurement, testing and audits are important. Here are the next five Steps to help you on your way to a successful business.

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10 Tips For Measuring Your Marketing Success - 1 of 2

Posted by Mali Brown on 10 May 2016

Here at Intergage we are big believers in measuring the success of your marketing, constantly reviewing and analysing the results. This then forms the basis of your forward planning.

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Are You Scared to Invest in Online Advertising?

Posted by Mike Finn on 06 May 2016

For website owners the pursuit of relevant traffic is an endless one. High organic rankings are what everyone wants, but hardly anyone gets.

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