The Secret to Creativity? Get Creating

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 29 Aug 2017

I’m sure you’re well aware of the frustration. You sit down in front of your laptop feeling well rested - with a coffee in one hand, your notepad on the desk and your favourite pen in the other hand. The temperature in the office is just right and you have had a great drive to work that morning.

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7 Tips to Redesigning a Great B2B Website

Posted by Sally Durow on 21 Aug 2017

We all know what we like in a website. Let’s face it we have to look at enough of them for work, to learn, to run our lives, to make things happen and sometimes even for fun!  We also know how frustrating some websites can be.  How many times do you get frustrated with not being able to find information on websites or the functionality simply to not work?

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Admit it, your website needs an overhaul!

Posted by Cat Gold on 18 Aug 2017

I’ve always had a rule about my wardrobe. If I haven’t worn it for more than a year, it’s going. The same practice can be applied to websites. If a page hasn’t been engaged with for months then perhaps the dated content that sits on it isn’t quite cutting it anymore. You might be suffering from 'digital hoarding': keeping unnecessary content because of the fear of changing something or deleting it just in case it suddenly might become valuable to someone, somewhere! 

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6 Trends You Can’t Ignore for your Next B2B Website Redesign

Posted by Alex Turrell on 18 Aug 2017

The web design industry is incredibly fast pace, particularly in the B2B market. It’s hard to keep track of what you should and shouldn’t be doing for your next website redesign and even harder finding the time to actually implement any trends you do come across.

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What's The Deal With Instagram?

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 02 Aug 2017

To the B2B world, Instagram probably seems like a very confusing, intimidating but annoyingly relevant platform. Just when you’ve got your head around Facebook, Instagram starts getting all the press about how receptive to content the young business decision makers of the future are.

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Becoming a Lion – My HubSpot Boot Camp Experience

Posted by Paul Sullivan on 02 Aug 2017

Intergage is a UK based marketing agency established for over 17 years with 400 clients primarily based in the South of England.

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Effective UX - Add Or Remove Hurdles?

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 27 Jul 2017

UX design is an extremely delicate process. Anything that taps into the psychology of buyer behaviour requires the steady hand of a surgeon.

There’s no secret that buyers are becoming smarter. We’ve often self-diagnosed our problem, identified a solution and explored every option before even speaking with a member of a Sales Team. There’s so much information out there that the buying process is becoming increasingly marketing-heavy.

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Why Should Marketers Spend More Time Around 'Creatives'?

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 11 Jul 2017

Photoshop started its life as one of many image-editing programs that emerged through the 90s. Adobe certainly did something right because it ended up being the major player and the word ‘Photoshop’ has now developed an all new meaning.

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Why Invest In Professional Headshots For Your Business?

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 06 Jul 2017

If you keep an eye on your Google Analytics Reporting (which as a side note, you probably should be) – you might have noticed that your ‘Meet the Team’ page is usually right at the top of your most visited pages – often second only to the homepage.

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Facebook Cover Videos – A Cure For Banner Blindness Or Just More Noise?

Posted by Stuart Dudleston on 28 Jun 2017

As you may or may not know, Facebook is currently rolling out Cover Videos for company pages that work in much the same way that you’d expect.

The space where your Cover Photo currently sits will be replaced by a short looped video (up to 90 seconds, apparently) that renders when a user lands on your page.

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You’re targeting the wrong part of the marketing funnel!

Posted by Mike Finn on 06 Jun 2017

Is all your marketing aimed at those who already know what they want?

It seems obvious – put your marketing budget into attracting prospects when they already know what they want to buy. Right?

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