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The Buyers Journey: Providing the Right Content at the Right Time

Written by Jim Perren

We all know that any potential customer of our business doesn’t just wake up one morning thinking “you know what, I think I’ll go and buy some marketing services from Intergage”.

There is a specific journey they go through, an active research process that any buyer (or recommender) goes through to decide where they will place their business. In HubSpot parlance, this is the Buyer’s Journey.


If we consider what the buyer’s needs are at each stage they can be quite different.

The Buyer Journey

At the awareness stage, they are experiencing a problem and carrying out educational research to try to find out more about it. At the consideration stage, they understand their problem and are researching the range of possible approaches or methods to solving their problem.

Then, at the decision stage, they will be building a list of possible vendors and products. Any research they will be doing at this stage will be to reduce their long list to a short list and then on to a decision to purchase.

As marketers, it‘s our job to help our buyers at each stage of this journey. So how can we provide the right sort of content at each stage here? Understanding what stage they are at does give us clues as to the sort of terms we should be using in the content that we produce.

The Right Content at the right time

Clearly, these are the terms that might be used at the various stages of the buyer’s journey. For our content to be found in the search engines, these need to be combined with the keywords that we have identified (through our keyword research) that we know are relevant to our searcher.

The last piece of the puzzle is the format of the content that we produce. Because we know the kinds of things that the buyer is interested in, we can provide them with just the right kind of content in a suitable format:

So, if I were building content for Intergage around ‘Landing Page Conversion Optimisation’, I might produce the following content:

  • Awareness: An eBook entitled: “Optimising landing pages for conversions”.
  • Consideration: A white paper where our SEO guru Mike Finn looks at the various methods of landing page conversion optimisation, and compares the various approaches.
  • Decision: A PDF case study entitled “How a firm of solicitors increased their landing page conversion rates by 75%”.

Landing page conversion optimisation, as an example, is just one aspect of what Intergage does.

The inbound marketing job that I need to do is to build out suitable content for each problem or issue that we can help our customers with, and for each stage of the buyer’s journey, for each persona that we have identified so that we are talking to them in their language.

Does anyone else think that this is a lot of content? It certainly is but it’s absolutely worth doing.

If your approach to your marketing is to build out content in this way, you will be putting your online marketing in the best position to succeed. You will have the right content available for the right audience when they need it. They will see you as a trusted advisor and great source of help.

Before they even decide to purchase, you will have had an influence on their decision and are bound to be on their short-list. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you were near the top.

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Orginally published on Wednesday 23 November, 2016 | Last updated Saturday 9 November, 2019

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