Top 8 Ways To Use Video For Business

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Top 8 Ways To Use Video For Business

Posted by Francesca Meyrick on 17 Aug 2016


Today the digital space is busier than ever and competition is fierce not only for rankings, but for the attention of your average user. This user is becoming increasingly disinterested with boring sales pitches and stale websites so you’ll need to provide users with engaging content that captures their attention.

Investing in video is a big step for many companies. But it is a step that more and more decide to make as the Web evolves to provide marketeers with ever more exciting ways to use and distribute engaging content online.

Video Web Production enables you to capture a perfect sales presentation or demonstration and enhance it with graphics, bullet points and testimonials in order to communicate more in just a few minutes than you could in written copy or on the telephone.

Here are our top 8 ways at Intergage for using video to market your business:

 8 Ways Video Market Business Online-1.jpg

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