George's Time at Intergage

Posted by Stephen Caple on 27 Jul 2018

My time at Intergage has been valuable and useful to me as I was interested in the website design aspects of Online Marketing. Throughout the week I was able to get hands on and write blogs for clients, participate in internal meetings as well as client meetings, which taught me more and more about how the company operates.    

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How-To Tell Your Website's Device Split

Posted by Liam Major on 17 Jul 2018

If you've been following our previous guides, how to find your organic traffic in google analytics and how to find your popular keywords in search console, then you should have a solid idea of what your traffic consists of. 

But that's not all! A big part of understanding this traffic is know how they're searching. Searches conducted on a desktop are very different when compared to searches on a mobile. Think about your own searches for a second. Being on the move and searching for something on your phone is a very different mindset than when you're looking for something on a desktop computer.

So, in today's guide, we're going to run through how to find out your "device split" in google analytics. 

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How To Find Your Website's Popular Organic Keywords

Posted by Liam Major on 02 Jul 2018

It's time to get serious. In our previous blog, we went through how to find out your website's organic traffic.

You should now have a good idea of the numbers that visit your website from search engines. You should also have a good grasp on the trend in that traffic and the peaks and troughs. 

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Google's New Map Platform API Costs 2018

Posted by Cat Gold on 08 Jun 2018

Using a Google Map on your website has been free for many years. Until now.

If you have been enjoying the use of a free, high resolution, interactive Google Map on your website for the last few years, you may be dismayed to hear that this luxury is about to come to an end.

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Why Ignoring UX Kills Conversions

Posted by Sally Durow on 23 Feb 2018

You will see UX banded about as a term and think that is something for super geeks who only ever talk to websites.  While that may, in some cases, be true the harsh reality is that we all now need to take heed of the insight understanding UX gives us.

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Why You Should Give a Monkey’s About Email Deliverability

Posted by Jim Perren on 15 Mar 2017

“Deliverability? I’m a creative, I don’t need to know about any of that technical stuff – that’s for the IT nerds.”

If that’s you (and it was me) spare me the next five minutes and let’s look at how knowing a little about email deliverability could have a big impact on the effectiveness of your marketing communications.

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Digital Marketing News – Top 5 Stories, February 2017

Posted by Adam Looker on 10 Mar 2017
Following on from January's Digital Marketing News , Adam Looker brings you the biggest stories from February.  Read More

7 Email Marketing Tools for 2017

Posted by Jim Perren on 17 Feb 2017

Email Marketing is tricky to get right. There are so many ways that you can trip up. But fear not, help is at hand. And free help too.

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Digital Marketing News – Top 5 Stories, January 2017

Posted by Adam Looker on 01 Feb 2017

Keeping up with digital news and trends can be time-consuming. Let Adam from our Digital Marketing Team take you through the top 5 things to come out of the Digital Marketing sphere in January!

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Email is not dead.

Posted by Jim Perren on 21 Nov 2016

Email is not dead. In fact, it is the one channel through which most people are happy to receive marketing messages. So long as they are relevant.

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Our View on Digital Marketing News - Nov 2016

Posted by Adam Looker on 07 Nov 2016

Staying up to date with the comings and goings in the world of digital marketing is a full time job in itself. Let us take the leg-work out of it by bringing you the latest trends, updates and happenings.

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Google Does Not Owe You A Living!

Posted by Mike Finn on 13 Oct 2016

The Monopoly 

Here in the UK we are in a situation where over 88% of Internet Searches are done using Google. There are seven times more searches conducted on Google than on all the other search engines combined.

That is a staggering monopoly, a monopoly created by us the Google users. We, as individuals have handed Google, on a plate everything we do, we want and we desire.

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