Buyer Persona Courses

Posted by Jim Perren on 21 Feb 2017

Whether you call them customer personas, buyer personas, visitor personas or avatars, we marketers are broadly in agreement that understanding your ideal customer through an avatar is a spankingly good idea.

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Why Personas Don't Work

Posted by Jim Perren on 01 Feb 2017

People understand that a really important stage in a marketing automation strategy is building out your key personas

But that sometimes means they rush away to ‘bash out’ a series of customer caricatures to tick the personas ‘box.’ Then they wonder why their marketing campaigns just aren’t getting the engagement that they hoped for.

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Why Are Buyer Personas Important in B2B Marketing?

Posted by Jim Perren on 18 Jan 2017

First let’s remind ourselves of what a buyer persona is. David Meerman Scott in New Rules of Marketing PR describes it as a representation of the “type of buyer you have identified as having a specific interest in your organisation or product”.

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Testing Personas in the Real World

Posted by Sally Durow on 29 Nov 2016

Setting Objectives

You’ve got up early, put your most comfortable smart shoes on and set off into the sunrise for a day at.... an exhibition.

If you’re anything like me, that scenario will fill you with dread but setting out with the objective of testing personas means you can leave the exhibition with a real sense of achievement. No, you really can, I promise!

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How to Create B2B Personas - Going Deep with Personas

Posted by Jim Perren on 04 Nov 2016

“I say, Holmes, why the furrowed brow?”

“I’m building a personality profile of the kinds of chaps that are likely to need a detective, Watson.”
“Ah, looking for some personality insights, are you Holmes? Mind if I lend a hand?”

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What The Heck Is Generation C And Is It Important To Me?

Posted by Mike Finn on 04 Apr 2016

What is Generation-C? Unlike any of the other descriptors and labels we apply to society, such as post-baby boomers, Generation X, Generation C does not reside in any particular slice of time but in a state of mind and an ethos that describes an ever-growing section of society.

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