Introducing the New Rumsey of Sandbanks Website...

Posted by Cat Gold on 20 Nov 2018

At Intergage, we are delighted to announce the launch of the brand new Rumsey of Sandbanks website!

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Top 5 Tips On How to Redesign a Website Without Losing SEO Ranking

Posted by Cat Gold on 23 Feb 2018

The title of this blog suggests that you will already have a website and some form of SEO ranking. So I am assuming you have a site, it’s a few years old, maybe more and it’s time to blow away the cobwebs.  When you hear the word redesign, you’re possibly going to be thinking more about changing the look and feel of the site rather than ensuring that the content, call to actions and user journey are right. But this is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

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Why Ignoring UX Kills Conversions

Posted by Sally Durow on 23 Feb 2018

You will see UX banded about as a term and think that is something for super geeks who only ever talk to websites.  While that may, in some cases, be true the harsh reality is that we all now need to take heed of the insight understanding UX gives us.

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How to Plan and Manage a Website Redesign Project

Posted by Mike Finn on 15 Dec 2017

When I started working at Intergage I had absolutely no idea how much work was involved in planning and building a website from scratch.  I would argue that a redesign is even harder as there is a degree of emotional attachment to the existing site and it is entirely possible for you to still be bearing the scars of the initial build even if it was 6 years ago!  We get it - it can be painful with a humungous capital P! 

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How Much Does a Website Redesign Cost?

Posted by Alex Turrell on 24 Nov 2017

This is a question that haunts me on a regular basis. It is a little like going onto a car forecourt and asking how much a car is…

The cost of a website redesign is dependent on 2 things:

  1. What are you are looking for in a website?
  2. How much do you value your website?
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How To Plan For A Website Redesign Project

Posted by Paul Sullivan on 23 Nov 2017

Having worked at Intergage for 11 years in a business development role primarily focused on selling website redesign projects I am constantly reminded how difficult it can be for businesses to prioritise and plan a website redesign.

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A Good Website is Never 'Done'

Posted by Alex Turrell on 20 Nov 2017

So, you have finished the long, laborious process of a website redesign and you have the finished project in front of you, a nice shiny, new website. Can you sit back and let the website start raking in the leads now right?

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Top 6 Questions to Ask When Preparing for a Website Redesign

Posted by Alex Turrell on 01 Sep 2017

So you want to redesign your website?

You’ll probably go to your marketing/creative agency with a couple of examples of websites you like and they’ll be able to knock something up right? Unfortunately not…

There are so many factors to consider when looking to redesign your website and any half decent agency or developer would ask you to answer a good number of questions before even thinking about what your website will look like, how long it will take them to build it, or even providing you with a quote.

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7 Tips to Redesigning a Great B2B Website

Posted by Sally Durow on 21 Aug 2017

We all know what we like in a website. Let’s face it we have to look at enough of them for work, to learn, to run our lives, to make things happen and sometimes even for fun!  We also know how frustrating some websites can be.  How many times do you get frustrated with not being able to find information on websites or the functionality simply to not work?

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Admit It, Your Website Needs An Overhaul!

Posted by Cat Gold on 18 Aug 2017

I’ve always had a rule about my wardrobe. If I haven’t worn it for more than a year, it’s going. The same practice can be applied to websites. If a page hasn’t been engaged with for months then perhaps the dated content that sits on it isn’t quite cutting it anymore. You might be suffering from 'digital hoarding': keeping unnecessary content because of the fear of changing something or deleting it just in case it suddenly might become valuable to someone, somewhere! 

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6 Trends You Can’t Ignore for your Next B2B Website Redesign

Posted by Alex Turrell on 18 Aug 2017

The web design industry is incredibly fast pace, particularly in the B2B market. It’s hard to keep track of what you should and shouldn’t be doing for your next website redesign and even harder finding the time to actually implement any trends you do come across.

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How Important is a Mobile Friendly Website?

Posted by Jim Perren on 10 Jan 2017

I’m sitting in a Costa café in Holborn and I’ve struck gold!

This must be the only café in London, and the only table in Costa, with a power socket next to it.

Without it, my laptop would quickly ‘die’. I need my laptop to charge my phone, which is at zero battery. Don’t ask – I plugged it in last night and the cable came loose.

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